SC Common Core fact-checking concerns; opponents to protest

Opponents to the new Common Core Standard plan a protest on Monday, November 18th in Columbia and encourage parents to keep their children out of school on that day. Common Core is a hot topic, and like most hot topics, there have been some falsehoods spread as truth. has done a great job at squashing some of those misconceptions:

"While it's true that the ACT and The College Board, which administers the SAT, did have representatives who worked on the standards, it's not true that only one teacher in the group. You can see the list of people who worked on the standards here.

There were five classroom teachers who worked on the math standards, along with other K-12 educators, plus 21 college math professors.

Critics also say classic literature will be taken out of English classes because the Common Core Standards require at least 50 percent of reading material to be informational texts.

That's also false. The standards do require 50 percent of reading to be informational texts, but reading that students do in history, math, science and other classes counts toward that total, which leaves English to focus on literature and literary non-fiction. In fact, the standards say that English classes must focus on those."

Hop on over to for their full write-up.

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