OMG: Magic Mike XXL scene shooting in Myrtle Beach

Ok, ladies calm Channing Tatum isn't in town. And he probably won't be...

But, we have info that the Magic Mike XXL crew were shooting aerials of Myrtle Beach over Labor Day Weekend. The filming of the sequel is taking place down in Savanna, GA. However, the plot line location for the movie is rumored to take place in Myrtle Beach. 

Looks like Myrtle Beach will be featured in the new film, but not shot here. Maybe some better tax breaks for Hollywood is in order for the state? 

Men, have no fear, your women are safe from Channing Tatum...for now...

Slight Update: spoke with a  spokesperson from the production company involved with the sequel and actors would be in town filming in October. 

And another little Update: 

Wanna be IN the film? Head over to the Facebook Page 'Magic Mike Sequel Extras Casting' for info on how you can get in on the action. Or Email a photo, your telephone number and email address to -they are looking for Savanna locals but they're going to need some Myrtle Beach locals, right?