Update: Moorer's both charged with Indecent Exposure, Obstruction of Justice, and kidnapping

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After the circus of yesterday's announcement that Sidney and Tammy Moorer were arrested in connection with the ongoing investigation of the disappearance of local woman Heather Elvis, more was expected from today's charges. 

Sidney and Tammy Moorer were both charged with two counts of Indecent Exposure, and one count of Obstruction of Justice. 

via WPDE

Judge Dennis Phipps granted Sidney Moorer a $5,000 cash surety bond for each count of the indecent exposure counts, and a $10,000 cash surety bond for the count of obstruction of justice, totaling $20,000.

His trial is scheduled for June 27.

and from WMBF news

"Tammy Moorer could face up to 3 years for each count. And for the one count of obstruction of justice charge, she could face up to ten years.Bond was set at $20,000 for Tammy Moorer for all charges, a second appearance was scheduled for May 2, and a trial for June 27 at 8:30 a.m."

And lastly, via WBTW

"There's no word on what incidents these charges relate to specifically.

"In this particular case they saw fit to charge smaller charges to start with but I'll assure you a lot heavier charges are coming," said Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson.

Richardson said he could not release what those "heavier charges" could be or how they're connected to the Heather Elvis case.

"Anything that we release at this point could jeopardize the case. We've got to be really tight fisted on that stuff certainly not trying to deprive the public or the family or anyone else of information but right now it could do a lot more harm than good," said Richardson."

Speculation has been swirling around these two. The Moorer's, have been targeted on social media for his supposed involvement with Heather Elvis. The targeting isn't without their own doing however, as seen from posts like this, this, and this

According to WMBF News, "a hold has been placed on both of them pending additional charges, this means neither can post bond to be released tonight." 

We'll keep you updated. 

Read the Breaking News from yesterday here


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***UPDATE 2/23/14***

Both Tammy and Sidney Moorer have posted bond, but they remain guests at J Reuben Long.

via MyHorryNews:

"Sidney and Tammy Moorer have posted bonds on indecent exposure and obstruction of justice charges stemming from the ongoing Heather Elvis investigation.

But the Horry County couple remains behind bars as they await new charges that have been pending since their arrest Friday morning."


***UPDATE 2/23/14 9PM***

News came in earlier today that both Tammy and Sidney Moorer have been charged with kidnapping.

via WMBF News

"The kidnapping charge was listed on the Horry County Public Index for both Tammy Moorer, and an official at J. Reuben Long Detention Center confirmed Sidney Moorer was also charged with kidnapping. Solicitor Jimmy Richardson confirmed Tammy and Sidney Moorer's kidnapping charges are directly related to the case of missing 20-year-old Heather Elvis; they are accused of allegedly kidnapping the woman missing since December 17."

via WBTW

"No bail is set for the kidnapping charges.

The pair will appear before a magistrate judge on Monday for a bond hearing.  Solicitor Jimmy Richardson tells News 13 the bond hearings will be at 9 or 10 a.m. and at the main courthouse in Conway."

via The Sun News

"Horry County police spent 11 hours at the Moorers home on Highway 814 Friday with the aid of federal and state authorities.

The search and seizure of property at the Moorers home “was executed in an attempt to identify potential evidence based on new information obtained through expert analysis of previously seized surveillance tapes in the area along with financial discrepancies filed with the state of South Carolina on behalf of the occupants of the residence,” according to a release issued by police Friday."

and finally via CarolinaLive

"WPDE NewsChannel 15 has copies of the arrest warrants for the Obstruction of Justice and Indecent Exposure charges for both Moorers. The arrest warrants for the Kidnapping charges are expected to be released Monday."

Carolinalive has the best breakdown of what the arrest warrants, so check that out here


Below is some reaction from the Internet over the latest news:

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