Coastal Lice Center Opens to Serve Grand Strand Families.

It’s A Lousy Job, But Somebody’s Got To Do It!

Coastal Lice Center, Myrtle Beach's First and Only Certified Head Lice Removal and Treatment Salon To Open.

They're creepy, they're crawly – and they're much more than an inconvenience. Ask any parent who has ever had to deal with head lice and they will tell you the havoc and stress it puts on a family. Until now, parents have had to rely on harsh, chemical-laden over-the-counter products to get rid of the little devils -- and they had to treat the situation in their own homes with little education or support.

Enter Coastal Lice Center, Myrtle Beach's first and only Head Lice Resource and Treatment Salon. Founded by Catherine Collins, a former preschool teacher and mother of three, who after experiencing the problem with her own children, became committed to offering parents a chemical-and pesticide-free solution to lice and the stress and stigmatism associated with the problem. The first salon of its kind in the Myrtle Beach and Florence area, the Coastal Lice Center staff is the area's only trained and certified head lice removal experts that specialize in head lice removal, head lice treatments, education and prevention.

"Incidents of head lice have been growing at an alarming rate in this country as the widespread use of pesticide-based products has created "Super Lice". Lice is one of the top reasons for kids missing school." said Catherine Collins, owner of Coastal Lice Center. “I used to say I wouldn’t wish lice on my worst enemy,” laughs Collins. When my children came home with lice I panicked.  I tried every over the counter treatment and home remedy imaginable,” she says.  “After countless hours of treating my children and laboriously cleaning my home, I felt defeated.  It was just not a job for an amateur.”

 “After discovering that there were actual salons in other cities devoted to head lice removal, I really felt families in the Myrtle Beach area deserved one too.  I wanted to be the one who could help other mothers like me,” states Collins.

Using only 100% natural, organic and non-toxic products, Coastal Lice Center uses a scientifically proven 3-step process designed to rid the hair of lice quickly and thoroughly.  The consultants at Coastal Lice Center are trained and certified in the Shepherd Method of strand-by-strand nit removal* from The Shepard Institute of Lice Solutions. All services are guaranteed and clients following the Coastal Lice Center protocol have a 100% success rate at wiping out head lice. Salon services also include education on how to check for and prevent head lice in the future.

Clients who come to the new Coastal Lice Center will be lice and nit free after one treatment – guaranteed.  Clients are given a 30-day guarantee as well as free lice checks for 90 days. Lice removal treatments take on average, between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on length, thickness of hair and severity of infestation. While at the salon, clients are entertained with DVD players, ipad games, books, magazines, and snacks. In addition, there is a separate playroom for those children that have completed treatment or are waiting for siblings or other family members.

“Bottom line…No device, treatment or product is the miracle cure for head lice. The only 100% certain way of getting rid of them is to comb out all lice and nits from the hair. All it takes is a couple viable missed nits and your head lice issue will return – often worse than when you originally started,” explains Collins. “Head Lice are highly contagious and if the problem isn’t addressed will be passed around your community again and again – for weeks if not months. We’re here to make sure that your problem is gone for good – guaranteed.”

To celebrate their grand opening, Coastal Lice Center will offer free lice screenings during the month of April.

The Coastal Lice Center Salon is located in Myrtle Beach just off Grissom Parkway at 1203 48th Avenue North suite 118 in The Alpha Center. Hours are Monday thru Saturday 9 – 5 by appointments only. Evenings and Sundays are available also if needed.

To make an appointment for a lice check or treatment, please call 843-412-7011 or email us at For more information about Coastal Lice Center please visit us at and on Facebook.