Local Independent filmmaker seeking funding for latest project

Ken Cohen, a Myrtle Beach local by way of West Bloomfield, MI, is a film maker who has been making movies since he was 18 years old. His newest film, "Like Emmy" is slated to be his biggest and most expensive project to date. So, Cohen is taking to crowdfunding site IndieGoGo for a little help. 

So far, Cohen says on IndieGoGo that there has been a lot of interest for "Like Emmy" from the acting community, "So far I've had a ton of interest from talented actors all over, from New York to Chicago to right down here in South Carolina.  There's been over 200 submissions on ImdbPro and 400 on Actor's Access.  They are currently submitting video auditions. All of these actors have been generous enough to act in my film for free, but I will need enough money to fly them out here, and put them up in a hotel."

His goal is $6,000 dollars over the next 27 days. 

Hop on over to IndieGoGo for all the details on the project and to help Cohen out with his newest short film. You can also check out some of Cohen's past films too. 

Synopsis of "Like Emmy" 

Ever since his high school crush Emmy died, Roman has been dating girls that look like her had she gotten older, but never finds the right one until he discovers a flyer for a girl that disappeared when she was Emmy's age, and he is certain that if he found her today, she would be perfect.