Legislature overrides 57 of governor's vetoes

Just $2 million of Governor Sanford's $72 million in vetoes were sustained. The House and Senate over 57 of 69 vetoes.

On Thursday the Senate agreed to sustain 57 of the House's overrides.

The legislature rejected Governor Mark Sanford's veto of $21.3 million for giving health insurance some 85,000 children. The House also voted to override 51 of the governor's other vetoes. They included bills for $545,000 for a tourism program at the College of Charleston, $257,317 for a H.L. Hunley project.

There concern is that the proposed budget will require that school bus and correction department programs to run deficits to operate. The Governor has called the overrides "reckless" and stated in a press release:
There's no way around the fact that if the General Assembly has passed a budget that they know will require deficits, then it's not a balanced budget, period. We have real concerns about the legality of this budget - and at this point, we're not convinced that a lawsuit would be a bad thing, given that it may indeed be the only way to prevent the legislature from engaging in this kind of recklessness in the future.