Bill mandating picture ID to vote gets closer, passes House

The South Carolina House has approved a bill that would mandate all voters present a valid South Carolina or federal identification card at the polls.

Read more stories on this subject in our voting rights topic page.State Republicans have said the move is vital to prevent any possible voter fraud, and Democrats have said the move will hinder the ability of the poor and old to vote -- who are generally less likely to drive and already have ID.

As part of the bill, the $5 fee to get a state ID is waived. A change that will eliminate some $700,000 a year in state revenue. On top of that, there are some 300,000 registered S.C. voters that do not have a state-issued photo ID. To get those 300,000 ID cards will eliminate some $1.5 million in revenue.

The bill is now in the Senate where it may be passed as-is, altered, or even voted down.

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