Senator's DUI case dismissed

A magistrate dismissed the DUI case of state Sen. Randy Scott today due to a technicality. In the video recording of the arrest, about a minute of audio is missing from the tape, and prosecutors could not provide an affidavit explaining the missing audio. Magistrate Phillip Newsome said he couldn't proceed with the case without one.

Scott was arrested last month and accused of driving under the influence. The senator has maintained that he wasn't drunk and that the arrest was politically motivated. He is running for the GOP nomination against former state Sen. Mike Rose in the June 10 primary. At the time, Dorchester County officials said Scott was uncooperative and "belligerent" throughout the whole thing.

The Post and Courier reports.

According to Live 5 News, prosecutors made the motion to reconsider this afternoon.

If you want to come to your own conclusions about the whole thing, is hosting the video of the arrest, as well as video from after Scott was taken back to the sheriff's office. You can also listen to the phone calls Scott made to his wife after the arrest. (The calls include some pretty heavy language, though, just so you know.)