It's heeeere: Spoleto 2009

Image by Geoff Marshall/TheDigitelImage by 20090522-trumpets.jpg Spoleto's Opening Ceremonies officially kicked off the festival today -- look for a video of it later today. Update: The video is up; go watch it.

Highlights of Charleston's art calendar: Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto (as well as Piccolo Fringe for the slightly more adventurous crowd) all officially kickoff today.

Get more coverage in our Spoleto special section. From May 22 to June 7 performing artists from every corner of the globe are descending on virtually every bar, restaurant, gallery, theater and warehouse in the greater Charleston area to showcase their talents for locals and visitors alike.

For those three weeks, event goers will have the opportunity to catch dozens upon dozens of shows and programs creating hundreds of different combination. A little overwhelming, huh?

Well, to get started, know that there's two parts to this festival: The more produced (and more expensive) Spoleto shows like Don John, Louise, and others that you shouldn't be shocked to see in the New York Times. And then there's Piccolo Spoleto, this one's produced by the City of Charleston and offers more affordable and free events for the public.

Also worth pointing out is Piccolo Fringe -- which, yes, is tied to Piccolo -- focuses on bring lots of improv, comedy, and other theater -- to Piccolo.

"We've made it our duty to connect you with the best spot for everything Spoleto."

Now, to dig deeper, well that's where TheDigitel comes in: We've made it our duty to connect you with the best spot for everything Spoleto. Artists, venues, performances and more! You name it, we'll have it for you at

On that special section you'll get connected with everything you need to know about Spoleto: roundups, event previews, event reviews, twitter feeds, videos, story feeds, and ever so import resources like calendars and venues' maps, and more.

Basically, TheDigitel offers you a one-stop gateway to everything Spoleto. We will even link you to our "competitors" for more extensive coverage.

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