'This Old House' names North Charleston’s Park Circle a Best Old-House Neighborhood

Image by Flickr user caseywest

'This Old House' editors scoured the United States and Canada to find unique, tight-knit neighborhoods for their fifth annual search for the 'Best Old-House Neighborhoods,' and North Charleston's Park Circle has made the cut.

Selections were made based on the neighborhood's promising future, strong community, and homes that truly deserve a long-term commitment.

This Old House notes Park Circle to be a location of “hundreds of lovingly crafted—albeit more modest and affordable—old houses surrounding a 30-plus-acre park filled with baseball fields, playgrounds, and a weekly farmer's market.”

Reasons to buy in Park Circle, according to This Old House, are many, “with its affordable houses and plenty of restaurants and shops on Montague Avenue, its main commercial thoroughfare, Park Circle is popular among first-time homebuyers. A new elementary school and a performing arts school draw families with children. Since more of the former naval base's buildings are being converted to office space, this is a great place for anyone with a good business plan, too.”

Pop over to the post on Park Circle to read additional praise for the up-can-coming neighborhood.

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