Neighbor: 'Your window melted my house!' (updated)

Image by Flickr user BrianCMMImage by 20090429-reflection.jpg Those little squares are beams of focused sunlight coming from the neighbor's windows.

Update May 2: The Post and Courier reports that a second person in the same development is reporting the problem.

First reporting:

The Post and Courier reports about a dispute forming up in Mount Pleasant after part of home's vinyl siding melted thanks to the intense reflection of a neighbor's window.

Go read that article.

Now, if you're like me, you thought: "What the heck are these crazy people going on about?"

Turns out, it's a very real thing caused by the intense reflection of newer energy saving glass -- not unlike taking your watch and shining its reflection in your friends face -- only done a scale a hundredfold.

Which leads to -- yep -- melted siding.

This video does an excellent job explaining the phenomenon.

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