Where has the handwritten note gone?

Pondering the lost art of writing notes....

One of life's pleasures is to get a handwritten correspondence in the mail....along with all of the bills and solicitations it is such a nice surprise to see that someone cared enough about you to sit down and write to tell  you.  Whether they are saying thank you or simply hello it is a wonderful gift that shows their capacity for kindness and generosity.

I can appreciate the speed and ease of email.  It is so easy to send off a message without getting an envelope, card and stamp.  It is easy to just auto fill your best friends contact info rather than looking up their address in your address book.  It is easier to click send than to walk to the mailbox.  However, on the other end, it is so much more satisfying to receive that handwritten note!

I like to write notes.  I like to put pen to paper and express my gratitude or love or say "I'm sorry".  It is great to curl up on a Sunday afternoon with my custom created stationery and pen and go to work on a list of people who deserve to be recognized.  If for some reason I am having a bad day it makes me feel better to put down in words how special someone is or how kind something they did was...it lifts your spirits to remember the good in the people in your life.  In a few days the person receiving this note will have the same uplifting spirit that I experienced writing it.

My Mother instilled this in me with every thank you I was forced to send, and I think that I finally understand the impact it has.  There is just so much busy-ness in all of our lives these days that to know that someone took the time to sit down and think about me and write the note means the world to me....I hope you all will get a handwritten note really soon...or write one yourself!

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