Illegal Immigration

After this past election, it is becoming increasingly clear that the big winners were not the Democrates or Obama or all the liberal senators that won but ALL the Illegal Immigrants. Even the Republican's are capitulating to this theory that we must pander to these law breakers. Whats next? Will the Republicans also chime into the suing the States who try to uphold the “Law of the Land” on Immigration? Obama named it the “Dream Act” but to those who work and pay the countries bills its a real “nightmare”. I propose two rather simple steps to help thwart the spread of illegal immigration: 1) Amend the Constitution to change the wording that states if you are born to an illegal in this country “you are NOT a citizen” and I think one of the more prudent steps 2) If as an Illegal you are given and or granted anything of value (ie. Healthcare, housing, food stamps, welfare, etc.) that entity providing that service should be able to “bill” the Federal Government for that service. The money should be subtracted from the country that the the Illegal came from. This will no doubt help the border states that under extreme pressure for funding and will ease the tax burden from all of us. This Administration along with the help from many Republicans care more about the Illegals and helping other countries that helping their own. To quote the wise American “dont blame me, I didnt vote for him”.

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