Go Team! Myrtle Beach Firefighters Take First

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For 20 seasons the Fire Department Instructors Confrence (FDIC) has been hosting the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, known as the "Toughest Two Minutes in Sports" tests these brave men (and women) is skill, athleticism and endurance of the Nations Firerfighters.  

"The competition was very tight at FDIC this year, stated Lieutenant Steve Schuessler, team captain Team Myrtle Beach Fire. "Coming home with a first place finish at the beginning of the season is just the start of the momentum Team Myrtle Beach will carry throughout the year, until the World Firefighter Combat Challenge is in our hometown this November. We are very excited and look forward to a challenging, but successful year." 

Read all about the competiton, the cold and the rest of the results over at WMBF News.

We say, congratulations to our home town heroes and we know they'll take it in November and make Myrtle Beach Proud! 


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