Your Friday update on S.C. Governor Mark Sanford

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On the third day since S.C. Governor Mark Sanford announced he had cheated on his wife, the story has become a bit of a sprawling mass.

Rather than detail all the developments, we think you'd be better served to have a connection to the most important and interesting angles.

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Ready? Let's go:
Sanford's still saying he has no plans to resign.
During a recent business trip for the state, Sanford met with the woman in Argentina. The governor says he'll repay the $8,000. -- Here's another angle on that, and another.
Some details have surfaced about the Argentine mistress.
Political leaders are hesitant to see Sanford resign. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer would then become governor, and the GOP would likely be stuck with Bauer during the 2010 election.
Still, a lot of people with influence are in wait-and-see mode.
But the Island Packet says there are too many unknowns and that we should be investigating what happened and not guessing -- they also echo the fearsome thought of Bauer as governor.
Bauer, for his two cents, is saying he doesn't want to see Sanford resign either.
And there's also the question of how the world came to know of the affair, and why The State took so long to reveal the e-mails.
But, we'll likely know more about what's next in the saga when Sanford holds his cabinet meeting at 12:30 p.m. today, June 26. Watch it at

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