Sen. Jim DeMint gets rapped for speaking out against McCain, GOP

Image by WikipediaImage by 20081117-demint.jpg Richard Shelby: Jim DeMint's been naughty.

Alabama's U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby gave Sen. Jim DeMint a verbal lashing after DeMint spoke out against McCain and the Republican Party again on Friday, November 14, in Myrtle Beach.

CNN writes in part:
Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby scolded fellow Republican Sen. Jim DeMint Monday over his recent criticisms of John McCain.

"I think my friend Sen. Jim DeMint should keep this stuff in the caucus and not be out beating up on fellow republicans," he told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Go read more about the rebuke and DeMint's remarks at CNN.

DeMint also made similar criticisms before the November 4 election.

It's more signs that there's a battle over which way the Republican Party should head: The McCain or Palin road?

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