Columbian politician jokes about a gorilla and the First Lady

Image by People for DePassImage by 20090615-rusty.jpg Good ol' Rusty seen here with George Bush -- he was a Bush Chairman in Richland County during the 2000 election.

Columbia's Rusty DePass, a well-known Republican activist in the state, is getting the Nth degree after he said that a gorilla that recently escaped from the local zoo was "just one of Michelle's ancestors--probably harmless."

And where did he feel safe enough to make such a poor-taste joke? Facebook.


I'm not sure what's worse: The comment or posting such a remark for all to see.

At any rate, South Carolina blog FITSNews broke this story, and has the details. But, for the most succinct roundup, I'll point you to this piece at The Huffington Post.

FITSNews also points out how Republicans seem to keep shooting themselves in the foot over race. Oh, and if you're worried about the escaped Gorilla, don't be, "Mike" is fine.

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