City of Conway seeking input on appearance ordinances (discussions begin)

Photo by Julia Manzerova
Red tape! Get it?

Update 6/6 (discussions begin): The task force will be meeting all day to address the issues that seemed to cause the most concern for business owners.

The Sun News has a brief on those issues. Read it here.

First Report 5/13: Conway has drafted a "unified development ordinance" which establishes standards for appearance and construction to be enforced by a community appearance board.

Some local business owners aren't too happy about it because it places a lot of subjective decision making power into the hands of a government managed committee. It also imposes a lot of standards on businesses in cases where it may not always make sense. The result can be more expensive construction costs and general frustration that new businesses may choose to avoid altogether. Can you tell which side of the Community Appearance Board fence I sit on?

The Sun News has some information about how city officials intend on getting public input (spoiler alert: another committee) and what will happen next. Read that here.

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