Want to start a revolution or simply drive more business to your company?

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Congrats Mark Zuckerberg!
With Social Media, you can do just that.
 Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FourSquare and LinkedIn have become the social media powerhouses within the past few years with MySpace losing much ground in the wake.
 Beginning in December of last year in Tunisia, a firestorm of protests were posted on Facebook that culminated into a full-scale Revolution against longtime President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.  He has since resigned and fled the country with street demonstrations and other unrest continuing to this day.
 Shortly thereafter, Egypt and several other Countries in the Arab World followed suit.
   CNN's Wolf Blitzer credited Facebook with the success of the Egyptian people's uprising after Wael Ghonim, a Marketing Manager for Google, played a key role in organizing the January 25 protest by reaching out to Egyptian youths on Facebook.

So, is Facebook and other Social Media Networks that powerful?  Are they worth the time of day for your business?  You bet your bottom dollar!35 Thank You Facebook! If you can start a revolution through Social Media, don't you think you can gain new leads and sales for your business?

Social media is gradually changing the paradigm of how people market, promote and care about their customers and potential clients. But what is the correct strategy, tools and approach to achieve those goals?

According to The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research, Social Media Marketing amongst Fortune 500 for 2010, 60% are using Twitter and 56% are using Facebook.
 And these numbers are growing as the younger Y-Generation creates new start-ups and take over existing companies.
 Social Media is a great tool for getting immediate feedback from your customers and gaining new sales if done correctly.  The soft sell approach is very effective and creates positive interactions amongst your "likes" and "followers".  Gone are the days of high pressure sales and screaming at people to BUY, BUY, BUY! 
With a few quality posts and tweets, you will gain significant trust with your customers - and that is ultimately what they are buying.  They just don't know that's what your selling. ;)  This could apply to any product imaginable!  With quick responses and honest answers, even if you have a horrible product, you could possibly have a customer (or friend) for life!
 So, is your business on Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube?  If not, your missing out on a Revolution of Prosperity!

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