Firehouse Magazine writer rips into Riley for Charleston 9 remarks

Image by Flickr user Ryan Stone Image by 20090405-fire.jpg A shot of the memorial service for the Charleston 9.

Harry Carter of Firehouse Magazine is proving he's got no love for our mayor, Joe Riley.

Read more stories on this subject in our Sofa Super Store fire topic page.In regards to a remark by Riley that the nine men that died in the Sofa Super Store fire were "well led and everybody did the best they could:"

What planet has [Riley] descended from? How in the world can he make such a comment in light of the reports issued by both NIOSH and the Routley Committee? Is this man illiterate or merely ignorant? If there was one message which came through loudly and clearly from both of these reports, the fire department, as it existed in Charleston in 2007, was an abomination on the face of God's Green Earth!

There's certainly an argument for honoring the nine that died by believing their deaths were heroic and unavoidable, but, well, Carter's got some good points.

Go take a read.

h/t NBC News 2's Franko Blog