USC benefactor out, campaign contributor in

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It looks like after only 100 or so odd days that it's business as usual coming out of the Governors office.

Haley trumpeted herself and her Governorship as one that would be open and transparent. However, with recent allegations of supposed behind locked doors and backroom dealings now comes another micro-scandal for our freshman Governor. Recently, the Governor seemingly fired one of the biggest benefactors to the University of South Carolina and replaced them with a Haley campaign contributor.

For twelve years Darla Moore served on the USC Board of Trustees and has pledged to give $30 million dollars to South Carolina Education programs. But, now, Moore finds herself ousted and replaced with Tommy Cofield a Lexington resident who contributed $4,500 to the Haley campaign. And, per usual, this was all done quietly, quickly and the Haley camp is flabbergasted with all of the flack that they are getting.

The Sun News has a great write-up of the whole ordeal, including excerpts of back and forth emails, details of a student lead protest over the matter and a lot more.



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