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Skepticism of roads providing backgate traffic relief

As spring barrels towards us, some say the year is passing us by too quickly. If only we could route time through the infamous "backgate" intersection where nothing passes by quickly.

While it's encouraging to see that construction for the Farrow Parkway overpass is marching forward, hearing things like "August 2014" and the fact that bike rallies will prevent evening progress reminds us that we'll be stuck with one of the most infamous intersections in Horry County for at least a few more years. For some interim relief, Horry County connected the ends of what was essentially a frontage road to Farrow Parkway, Bypass 17 and eventually Harrelson Boulevard. The road is named after Fred Nash, a well-known local hero.  

The problem with Fred Nash Boulevard is that you still have to negotiate the backgate intersection to use the road which features a couple of four-way stops. Right now you can only get to the Bypass just past the backgate. After you've enjoyed your scenic detour, you'll will be able to exit onto Harrelson before you can meander back on to Bypass 17. Unless you're going from The Market Common to Harrelson, I'm not sure how this road is going to help anyone but the construction workers.

Perhaps this is a sign of short-sightedness from our area road planners? Other locals are quick to point out that even when the Farrow project is completed in 2014 (sigh) that the Palmetto Pointe intersection will carry the backgate torch of frustration. 

What do you think?