Missed connection spotting: World of Warcraft and the Windjammer

Image by Flickr user blessedbullet It has a heart of gold.

"Do you remember when, on Babylon 5 they defeated the Klingons in the year 2185 and global domination was nearly at hand? Who am I kidding, of course you do. Well I felt almost as good as that." — unsigned m4w.

I've returned to my infrequent missed connection reading on the local Craigslist and bring you this link to the "My Windjam Ma'am " post by a tortured 25-year-old who missed the chance to connect to his princess.

Take a read here.

Come on, it has great key phrases like "World of Warcraft," "a man for the first time away from the keyboard," and "the Orc clans were ravaging my homestead."

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