I guess we shouldn't be shocked: Charleston loves ties

Image by Flickr user Ivan Makarov Image by 20090522-ties.jpg

Neckties: No man really likes them, but apparently that rule is less true in the Holy City.

Charlie writes about the local male trend, citing Charleston as one of the neck tie capitals of the U.S. Here's a taste:

The tie is the only item in a man's closet that shows off his personality. It is that one item about which men would dare ask, "Do you like my tie?" or, "Did you see that dude's tie? Stupid." Did you know that Charleston is one of the leading cities in the U.S. for tie sales? True. In fact, the Jos. A Banks shop on King is the leading seller in bow ties out of its 463 retail stores nationwide.

Go on and read the full thing, and be sure to check out their Flickr photo set.

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