Governor Sanford's 'Trailgate' tale gets odder

Image by Flickr user boken imagesImage by 20090623-sanford.jpg We can only assume this nude hiker was waiting to give Sanford a big, warm hug.

Update: He's back. Get the story.

South Carolina political blog FITSNews has tipped us off to the latest odd development in Sanford's mysterious four-day absence:

Apparently not only did the governor's Appalachian Trail retreat get a big infusion of stimulus cash, but it was also filled with nude hikers.

It's seeming nothing about the man's peaceful retreat was, well, peaceful.

Huffington Post has more on the stimulus funding, and The Christian Science Monitor has more on Naked Hiking Day.

Sanford is scheduled to be back in Columbia on Wednesday.

Ed's note: Not sure if FITSNews was the first to coin this as "Trailgate" or not, but if so, kudos to them.

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