Alabaster: Albino alligator at the S.C. Aquarium gets a name

Image by Amanda Click/TheDigitel You can see more shots of the gator over here.

Taking it's name from a fine grained translucent gypsum, the albino alligator at the S.C. Aquarium finally has a name: Alabaster. 

It took four weeks and 570 votes to decide, and "Lightning" came in second place, followed by "D'wight Gator" and then "Big Al." 

Congrats on a fine name, Alabaster.

Oh and here's a bit of info about his home:

The albino alligator experience recently opened to the public this past March. Alabaster inhabits the Aquarium's second largest freshwater exhibit. Living in this recently renovated Blackwater Swamp, his accommodations include minimal light, imitating a real blackwater swamp. The exhibit's design ensures negligible contact with UV light, protecting his delicate skin, which lacks melanin, causing him to be truly a rare, translucent wonder.

If you'd like to see him, here's how to get to the aquarium.

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