Online mug shots may become a thing of the past

Columbia attorney, Seth Rose is trying to shut down the practice of South Carolina jails publicly posting mug shots, protecting the rights of those arrested.

The problem, this attorney, says is that the photos are being picked up and disseminated in a way that doesn't easily allow for them to be retracted if the arrested has charges dropped or is found innocent.  He also feels that in the case of an arrest for a minor offense, a person shouldn't have to suffer continual humiliation for as long as the picture remains online. hosts many of the images publicly posted by South Carolina jails and will remove them...for a fee of $399.  This change would affect them, and potentially affect the media's use of the photos.  You can read more in this article from The Sun News.  They, ironically, run a popular weekly feature called "Mug Shot Monday" which highlights the arrests made in the area during the weekend.

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