North Charleston councilmen seek commercial architectural review standards

Image by Flickr user North Charleston

North Charleston has never really had any set commercial architectural review standards; therefore, the city is full of mishmashed architecture, where the commercial buildings don't have a similar theme or style.

This is why councilmen Bob King and Kurt Taylor believe that the city needs to adopt a set of commercial architectural standards. "We need to be able to manage," Taylor said. "And just not let it develop on its own."

And this is the ideal time to put a set of standards into place, as many of the older parts of North Charleston are undergoing a revival. Some of the ideas that the two councilmen want to include are:

  • Mandatory landscaping
  • Emphasizing brick or stucco facades
  • Sign controls
  • Storefronts closer to sidewalks
  • Parking built in the rear of the buildings

To get more details about King and Taylor's goals, check out The Post and Courier's report here.

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