Building Arts students get hands-on experience

The American College for the Building Arts (ACBA) in Charleston trains blacksmiths, timber framers, carpenters, plasterers, masons and stone carvers in their 4-year program, but they are still seeking national accreditation.

With accreditation, it's almost assured that the school will attract more students and financial backing, but until then school officials aim to get involved with the community while simultaneously lending students first hand experience in their respective building fields.

Kevin Flynn, owner of Epic Development, has partnered with the ACBA, allowing the students to practice their skills on his new project, The Preserve at Fenwick Plantation.

The Post and Courier discusses the students’ work at the Preserve :
(One) student made a mold for an eight-foot-tall plaster column, eight of which were made and stand nearby. Yet another student is hand carving a mantel out of Indiana limestone.

With or without national accreditation these students still need first-hand experience, and with Epic Development's help they are practicing the training they need.