Ted Vick Round Up: 7th District Candidate's DUI & Gun charge (Update: Dash Cam)

Update June 15th: The Ted Vick Dash cam video has dropped. 

You can check it out above, but it's nothing really juicy or scandulous (besides the alleged drunk driving, gun charge and former USC CoEd being in the car). Head over to CarolinaLive for the details.

Update May 25th 12:36 p.m. Well, who didn't see this coming? Ted Vick has dropped out of the race as one of 5 Democratic hopefuls in the 7th District race. 

via FITS news:

“Due to recent developments, Ted Vick is ending his campaign for SC Congressional District 7,” a letter to WBTW TV 13 (CBS – Florence/ Myrtle Beach, S.C.) said. ”Please pull all spots off all logs and cancel future contracts/orders effective immediately.”

Vick isn't the first to drop out of the Race for the 7th due to legal woes

First Report May 25th 10:32 a.m. Ted Vick (D) a 7th Congressional District candidate was arrested early Thursday morning under suspicion of DUI and gun charges. 

Vick was pulled over for speeding late night/early morning in Columbia. Vick wasn't alone at the time of his arrest, his passenger at the time was a 21 year old, female who is a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina. The two were reportedly drinking together at a couple different places in Columbia's Five Points district. 

270 Vick released a statment saying, "I very much regret any embarrassment I've caused for my family, friends and supporters. My family comes first to me and I'm going to spend time with them and consult with my pastor. Politics will have to wait."

Ironically this comes a day after Vick released a video touting 'family values' for his 7th District run -see that video below. 

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