Supreme Court weighing in on Haley's order for unscheduled legislative session

Image by Flickr user pixelhut

Governor Nikki Haley and Senate leader Glenn McConnell are butting heads in the capital over Haley's order for the Legislature to reconvene tomorrow morning to restructure the state's government.

Haley wants the Legislature to vote on four specific restructuring bills that the House has passed, but the Senate has yet to take a final vote on. Here's the kicker: Thursday was supposed to be the last day of the legislative session until June 14th.

Haley has argued to the state Supreme Court that as Governor, she is well within her rights with her demand, and many lawmakers agree. However, McConnell contends that Haley is attempting to override the judgement of the House and Senate and her order infringes on government’s three separate but equal branches.

The Supreme Court must decide quickly to either block Haley’s order, proceed with the reconvening, or choose not to take any action.

We'll be sure to keep an eye on this and update you on the Supreme Court's decision. Until then, hop over to The Post and Courier for an in-depth article on the issue at hand.

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