In wake of ruling, James Island accuses Charleston of strategic land grabs

Image by Flickr user florriebassingbourn The idea, it has been, is that the Town of James Island can be no more whole than this a sheet of paper.

In the wake of the S.C. Supreme Court's ruling that the Town of James Island's incorporation was improper, the town's leaders are accusing the City of Charleston of seizing upon new confusion to put a chokehold on the town. 

The argument, in a nutshell, is that in the chaos while the still-functioning town re-arms its legal claims to be a town of 18,000, the City of Charleston is attempting to woo over strategically located property owners to prevent any further attempts at incorporation.

The Post and Courier has a report on those allegations and the state of town's efforts to continue; take a read here

And while the latest specific allegations are debatable, what's not is that this battle has been quite entrenched, heated, and costly.

One thing to watch for is when the legislature returns after its break because in the past the body has been willing to write laws to help the town's cause.

Relatedly, the town has formed a website to rally supporters. In a posted message:

The Supreme Court ruled against the Town of James Island.

We have have lost a battle, but don’t lose hope.

We will win the war.

The Town is petitioning for a rehearing. Please join us in praying that they will change their mind.

However, we are planning for a fourth incorporation effort.

Please help!

Sign up today. You can use the form to the right, or send an email to Please provide your name, street address, and phone number.

We will need close to 2,000 signatures of registered voters.

We will need your vote in the referendum.

And we need financial contributions.

Thank you.

Mayor Bill Woolsey

We'll be sure to keep you updated.