Battle to develop 'unstable' land near Kiawah continues

This video gives a good overview of the proposed project. It is, of course, from an anti-development perspective; developers say the land is perfectly sound to build on.

The battle to develop a spit of land off the southern end of Kiawah Island is not only still going, but it's growing.


[gmap markers=blue::32.58037783597414,-80.14286041259766 |zoom=11 |center=32.61450831216246,-80.1397705078125 |width=220px |height=200px |control=Small |type=Map]

Kiawah Development Partners aren't letting the drawdown in support by the state stop them either, they're vigorously pursuing the development.

Hop on over to The Post and Courier for the latest on skirmishes in this war. And if you're intrigued about the sign debate, head over to the Friends of Kiawah River.

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