East Bay bike, running path now open

Some 3,000 feet of sidewalk from Chapel Street to the Cooper River Bridge opened yesterday.

The 12-foot wide section of sidewalk and extra lighting is designed to provide a safer conduit for bicycles and pedestrians.

The Post and Courier reports that this is a result of Mayor Joe Riley having signed a U.S. Conference of Mayors resolution to make the city more bicycle friendly.

[gmap line=#003F87/3/1:32.79254181265212 , -79.93163108825684 + 32.80011749844536 , -79.93532180786133 + 32.80156041303475 , -79.93626594543457 |zoom=14 |center=32.79629366152669,-79.92939949035645 |width=470px |height=322px |control=Small |type=Map]

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