Mount Pleasant woman summoned to jury duty 10 times in 13 years

Image by Flickr user conclusionsyllogismImage by 20080915juryduty.jpg Jury duty is filled with fun moments like this.

Being called for jury duty is one of those mystic things in the universe with inexplicable patterns, and Fran Best of Mount Pleasant knows it. She's been called 10 times to serve on a jury of various county and federal courts.

Best's tried many ways to get the problem resolved with little recourse, The Post and Courier reports in part:
After her third summons arrived, she began collecting them and questioning why she was getting called so often. She seldom got more than a vague answer.

It's an odd story worth reading.

It's worth mentioning that when you get a letter asking you to serve, you don't necessarily have to be on the jury, but you're going to have to go down to the courthouse at least once until they can decide who and how many they need.

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