Mold attacks Daniel Island home

Image by flickr user iBjornImage by mold.jpg Mold can cause severe damage to a home, as well as endanger the health of those living there.

A Daniel Island family has basically been run out of their home due to mold spores growing throughout the structure. And this is no small matter. The mold is in the walls, under the carpets. The house is pretty much toxic, apparently, and the owner, Benjamin Allen, says it's worthless. The Allens have asked homebuilder D.R. Horton to do something about it, but they're still waiting on the company to send out an inspector to look at the damage.

From ABC News 4:

Mold is beneath the carpets, in the wall and its making his family sick. His 3-year-old daughter Madeline is suffering the most.

"She’s had severe respiratory infections and has been in and out of emergency rooms seeing doctor after doctor. They're trying to narrow down what is causing this," Allen added.


"When the mold inspector came out, he was shocked," Allen said.


Mold is growing behind the walls so fast that if someone took off the tape, spores would come flooding out and add to the toxic levels in the home. The Allens were forced to leave everything behind.

The Allens aren't the first to complain to D.R. Horton about the company's homes, either. ABC News 4 says that at least 15 other lawsuits are pending against the homebuilder.

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