Nanoparticles raise fears as study shows collection in coastal waters

Image by USCImage by 20090623-goldrod.jpg Microscopic image of light scattered by gold nanorods in a collagen gel. Image is approximately 1 mm across.

A recent study done near James Island's Fort Johnson showed an alarming collection rate of nanoparticles in marine organisms and other organic mater.

To be clear, the particles collected were put there specifically for their easy detection, but still The Post and Courier's Bo Petersen writes about how this is still reason for alarm.

But it's also worth pointing out that its not just nanoparticles that stand to be collected in water, already we've seen damaging effects from too much medicine, copper boat paint, fuel, and so on in our waters.

Go take a read on the latest on the situation in Petersen's piece.

If you're intrigued and science is your thing, take a look at this paper, called "Nanotechnology and The Pollution Risks of Nanoparticles in the Environment."

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