Al Parish to be sentenced today

Update 4: Al Parish has been sentenced to more than 24 years, read more.

Update 3: They're back in session after lunch. Assistant U.S. Attorney Charlie Bourne asked for more than 30 years for Parish, and that he go to prison today. Bourne asked for this because of Parish's reckless spending of investor's funds.

Update 2: The Post and Courier offers testimony from Parish's investors, here's one of the more interesting:
"I equate Mr. Parish to a big, fat spider," the man said. "A spider weaves a web and he sits there and eats, waiting for flies and moths. His web was his standing in the community, his education, the place where he worked, the outstanding publicity that he got from the Trident Chamber of Commerce. ... The feds have come along and disassembled the web. … I ask you judge to squash the big, fat spider."

Update 1: The sentencing has begun. Parish's attorney has made some objection about how the case has been handled and about how much money Parish has actually taken. The Post and Courier live writes the issue.

At first the day was thought to run short, with a quick sentencing, but it seems the day may go longer.

The State reminds us of some of the case's background:
Greg Hayes testified at Parish's sentencing in federal court in Charleston today. He said 487 investors filed claims for $80 million, and he expects only about $6 million will be recovered once all assets are liquidated. Hayes said there are about 200 claims still left to review.


Parish pleaded guilty last year to two counts of fraud and one count of lying to investigators. His attorneys said Parish suffered amnesia when the investigation broke and was more recently treated for heart problems.

Original post: The long saga of Al Parish's investment scandals draws to a close for him (but not the 600 or so investors he indebted). Parish is scheduled to be sentenced today starting at 10 a.m.

Originally the sentencing had been expected to be a multi-day affair, but now looks like it will be shorter with Parish presenting a few character witnesses and the sentencing not long after.

Prosecutors have requested that he spend 365 months (just more than 30 years) in jail for his mishandling of some $79 million.

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