Woman loses $12K in scam of $68K in 'found' cash (update: another hit)

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Update June 14: The State is reporting that another woman was bilked out of thousands last month in a very similar scam.

This time it happened in Columbia and the woman, 71, withdrew $17,000 in cash from savings.


Check out the paper's report here.

First report May 28: A Walterboro police report says an 82-year-old woman lost $12,200 in a scam where a suspect allegedly wanted to spilt $68,000 that "she had just found in a bag" outside the local Bi-Lo.

The Walterboro Police Department incident report said that a woman in a flowery black, white, and, red dress approached the elderly woman, saying she had found the money and wanted to know if she wanted to split it.

After a series of clam shell moves, that woman in the dress walked away with $12,200 and left the elderly woman on a false trail. 

It's a pretty wild tale, not only in that the older woman fell for it but that someone would take advantage of the elderly like this. But as the old adage about how things sounds says ....

I'll point you to Live 5 News for details on this one

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