Former Navy base to get facelift thanks to Clemson

The Clemson University Restoration Institute has major plans for about 80 acres of the former Navy base in North Charleston, as it works toward a planned campus at the site.

The Post and Courier has done a write-up on the project, including video of the site and a graphic that shows you where the whole thing is happening.

From the article:

Old barracks, boiler rooms and base buildings either will be renovated or razed as the university begins the first phases of redeveloping 86 acres in the heart of the former Navy base donated by North Charleston.

"We are trying to keep as much as we can," said Alan Godfrey, director of real estate and financial affairs at the institute.


A three-story barracks building will be saved for laboratories and offices.

"That will be the first physical place that we move into," said Godfrey, though it might not be before 2010.

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