City and port leaders support Carnival in cruise ship lawsuit

Image by Flickr user Palmetto Max

City of Charleston and maritime authorities have vowed to stand in support of Carnival Cruise Lines after hearing about a lawsuit that aims to drive out the cruise line.

The Preservation Society of Charleston, the Coastal Conservation League, and the city's Charlestowne and Ansonborough neighborhoods filed a lawsuit against Carnival yesterday. Reacting to this news, city and port authorities have announced that they will stand in support of the cruise ship company. The civil suit strives to declare Carnival Cruise Lines' using the Union Pier Terminal illegal.

But how, exactly, can their use of the port be viewed as illegal? Attorney Blan Holman, with the Southern Environmental Law Center, said the cruise line's operations are causing environmental and health problems.

On the other hand, Charleston Mayor Joe Riley has referred to the lawsuit as "abusive" several times, also noting that declaring a ship's docking at the port as illegal "requires some creativity."

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