Airport officials working for more direct flights (Update: More details)

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Update December 7, 2011: The Sun News Business section had a more detailed write-up about the program and incentives.

The report includes reasons why those specific locations were targeted and the partnership with Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday and Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. Read Dawn Bryant's piece here.

First Report:
As a local, it's an inevitable conversation...
"I'm flying out of Myrtle Beach."
"Oh, are you connecting in Atlanta or Charlotte?"

Myrtle Beach International Airport isn't waiting for the terminal expansion project to be completed to offer improved service and options. In fact, they're aggressively seeking more direct flights by offering serious incentives to airlines. In particular, they are looking to offer direct service to Dallas, Minneapolis, Indiana, and Philadelphia. WPDE has more details about the incentives. Read more here or watch the video below.

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