A chat with the Charleston port leader about successes and challenges

Image by Flickr user r_bowley

Last week I wrote how although Charleston ports were once again bosting of a good year of great growth, they were still in many ways making up lost ground — something that could keenly be seen in how the once smaller Savannah Port was outperforming. 

Noting the decline that started at S.C. State Ports Authority before the recession and the recovery that the port has been on sense 2009 under new leadership by Jim Newsome, The Post and Courier's David Slade sat down for a chat for the port leader, in part:

Newsome: So, we had to make sure we didn’t lose any more business. To be quite honest, we had lost our competitiveness in our contracts with customers over time. We had to get back to a competitiveness focus and a growth focus.

In all the Q-and-A style report offers an insight into the port's position, its challenges, and what its leadership thinks should be done about those issues.

Take a read over here.

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