Two new exhibits opening at the South Carolina Aquarium

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Two new exhibits are opening at the South Carolina Aquarium come 2011.

First, opening to the public on February 1, 2011, young Aquarium guests will get to play in the new Toddler Cove Play Area. Devoted to the young at heart, the new experience features several soft play elements including a big red canoe, a sea turtle and a whale tail of a slide all in an area just for toddlers. Families can also head into the Great Barrier Reef room and check out two new giant tanks filled with vibrant, colorful fish including everyone's favorite animated fish, the clown fish. The new exhibit will also include educational activities like puzzles, I-spy and more. Moms and dads can rest their weary feet while enjoying the new comfortable seating right in the heart of the new bright, colorful exhibit.

Second, a new experience for the entire family will open March 18, 2011: the Aquarium's completely renovated Saltmarsh Aviary. Children and adults alike will fall back in love with the coast and all of the life that teems within it. Encompassing more than 2,000-square-feet, the exhibit will make you feel like you're part of the environment. Coastal favorites like herons, pelicans, diamondback terrapins, even pufferfish will be highlighted along with a collection of other aquatic species. The best part of it all? A new interactive 'Feed the Rays' experience which will allow visitors to see a different side of these sea creatures. A new Shem Creek Shrimp Shack will be stocked with sustainable local shrimp for purchase so visitors can see what happens when they feed the rays as they gracefully glide around the tank.

Visit the South Carolina Aquarium, located at 100 Aquarium Wharf in downtown Charleston.

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