Carefree Boat Club announces Community Outreach Program: Carefree Cares

Carefree Boat Club; a country club on the water where members get unlimited access to a fleet of boats has expanded to include a Community Outreach Program; Carefree Cares.  
Carefree Cares is a non-profit organization that gives the care givers of the disabled, special needs and terminally ill a break. Carefree Cares offers restoration of spirit through recreational boating events.  These sponsored events are ½ day, on the water charters themed to specific caregiver needs.  Best of all, there is no cost to the caregiver.
The need is great, 85% of families that have a child with developmental challenges are ripped apart by divorce. There is currently a crisis with regard to housing and programs for adults with developmental disabilities. As parents of baby boomers are becoming too old to care for their adult children with developmental challenges, critical government funding stagnates. This affects not only programming and the number of spaces available in group homes, but also in the quality of care. Although many “group homes” exist, there is already a waiting list for beds in this state. Unless parents die or the disabled adult exhibits severe behaviors, they remain with their aging parents. In addition, many families with young disabled children look ahead four, five and six decades, and are filled with hopelessness and anxiety about the future for their children.
Upcoming Events
    * Women’s Retreat - Partnering with Healing Farm Ministries and The Heart of the Caregiver, these events are timed to conclude a day of healing and fellowship.(Scheduled for May 8th)
    * Women’s Day Out  - Relax and revive while enjoying beautiful Charleston Harbor  by boat with lunch on the water. (Scheduled for June the 7th)  
  * Harbor Breeze Sailing day – Experience the peace of sailing the Charleston harbor in our 27ft sailboat with our experienced sail captain. (Scheduled for July 24th)
    * Men’s Fishing – Enjoy a morning of fishing the Low Country with other men who are caregivers. (Scheduled for July the 12th)
    * A resource for caregivers to services from our business partners.
For more information and interviews please contact Kim Gabriel at 843.743.5051 or


Contact Carefree Boat Club at (877) 48-BOATS

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