Better than dumpster diving, CCU starts "Campus Salvage" program (Update: Success!)

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Manson Girls Dumpster Diving

Update 5/19: reports on the success of the Campus Salvage program. With over $2,000 dollars going back into CCU's efforts and a large community support it looks as if this year's success will lead to many more. Check it out here. 


First report: You remember your college days when you used to get the best digs for your apartment by strolling by the dumpster to see what is being thrown out? Well Coastal Carolina University has taken it up a notch by starting a recycling and donation program called "Campus Salvage."

Students are encouraged to place all unwanted furniture, household items, home décor, clothing, linens, nonperishable food and electronics into recycling storage PODS. The items collected from the program will be donated to local charities, such as the Lowcountry Food Bank, the Horry County Animal Shelter and Fostering Hope.

Jennifer Sellers, the sustainability coordinator at CCU has this to say:

"We hope to see more students and their families choosing to donate their old stuff through this event instead of simply throwing it away in the dumpster. It's about giving old items a new life and showing our support for the community and the environment."

Particular items will be on sale at Campus Salvage Community Yard Sale held on Saturday, May 14, in the parking lot at 370 Allied Dr. in the Atlantic Center from 8am to 12pm. The proceeds will be donated to the Sustainability Initiative fund, which supports Campus Salvage and student programs related to sustainability, recycling and waste reduction on the CCU campus.


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