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Separation of church and

Separation of church and state has been under attack openly by politicians for a long time, replica handbags and particularly, the more Dominionist they are, the more openly contemptuous they are of the wall of separation. Donald Trump is an interesting case because, as you mentioned before, he is not exactly fitting the Christian mold of a politician as we've understood them historically. His positions on abortion have been all over the map, as have his positions on homosexuality and marriage equality. He doesn't talk about those things in his speeches. Where he has talked, however chanel replica handbags are about religious liberty, which has become an overarching kind of narrative that allows him and his Christian Right followers to find a good deal of rather vaguely stated common ground. But religious / have become a kind of code word for advancing a conservative Christian agenda and Donald Trump has played that card very well.Like many, I have been watching the events in Wisconsin unfold. We have similar things going on in my state of Ohio.