Slow Food Charleston announces new Executive Director (updated with Q&A)

Susan A. Bass, the new Executive Director of Slow Food Charleston

Update May 11: The Charleston City Paper had a chance to sit down with Slow Food Charleston's new Executive Director and find out what she has planned for the organization while at the helm.

A passionate woman with experience with agribusiness, wine, food and travel, Bass sounds like she's ready to get down to business and push the locavore movement to new and exciting places.

Hop over to the Charleston City Paper's post and read on.

First reporting: Slow Food Charleston is proud to announce that effective May 1st, Susan A. Bass will take over the helm of Slow Food Charleston as the organization’s new Executive Director.

Slow Food Charleston is the local non-profit chapter of the larger, national Slow Food USA movement. Its mission is to create dramatic and lasting change in our food system by reconnecting people with the people, traditions, plants, animals, and farms that produce our food.

Previously a Board member, Susan will assume the position Carole Addlestone has handled for the past three years. Susan is a graduate of Indiana University and attended Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

Carole will continue as a Board member and will be actively involved in various organizational projects and committees.

Susan’s primary duties are to provide overall leadership and direction, but she looks forward to continuing Carole’s mission to build public awareness of Slow Food and increase community involvement. “With the Farmer’s Markets resuming, a new improved website underway, and our upcoming free film series starting in May, we are excited about the increased public involvement 2011 is sure to bring!"

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