Here's where you can get the ultimate milkshake fix

Image by Flickr user CamEvans

It's time to beat the heat the old fashioned way -- with a mouthwatering milkshake!

You certainly have your favorite place to pick up a milkshake treat filled with goodness, but there are several local spots that you may not have tried out yet, including:

  • The Big Gun Burger Shop (137 Calhoun St.), where tons of attention has been draw to the Twinkie Milkshake, which is essentially a vanilla milkshake with a whole Twinkie thrown in for good measure.
  • Burger Babies (293 King St.), another new spot downtown, which features a rotating selection of milkshakes such as the Fruity Pebbles Milkshake, the Jasmine Milkshake, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake, and the Mint Julep Milkshake.
  • Sesame Burgers and Beer (2070 Sam Rittenberg Blvd.), which has a Crunch Berry Milkshake that was a 2011 Best of Charleston critics' pick in Charleston City Paper.
  • Cinebarre (963 Houston-Northcutt Blvd.), which has the ideal shake for beer guzzlers: the Guinness Milkshake.

Which local milkshake concoction is your favorite?

Get more info about local milkshake favorites at Charleston City Paper's story here.

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