Beer me: The Weekly Surge is on the look out for places to drink good beer (Update)

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Update at the bottom

The Weekly Surge's Colin Burch is on a quest looking for the areas best places to grab a craft beer.

As he assures in the article, he's not looking for "Great places to drink," he's looking for selection. Burch has a few places on the list already, but needs some help. So hop on over to The Weekly Surge and let him know your sugestion(s) of places along the Grand Strand that offer a killer, wide variety selection of beers. Below is a little video from Burch's blog Malty Hops where he discusses a beer from Westbrook Brewing Co just down the road in Mount Pleasant. 

Myrtle Beach Restaurant News has a list of their own. That's here. If you're more than just a casual beer sipper, then you may want to check out


Update: If going out and drinking beer isn't your thing, maybe staying home and cracking a few bottles with friends is? 

Well, you're in luck because the video below is making its rounds across the interwebs today and it shows you the many proper ways to open those tasty home, micro or mass produced beers we all love to imbibe (responsibly, of course). 

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